How to add £119,676 To Your Business In 84 Days

...Without Relying On Word-Of-Mouth, Networking, Or Referrals

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100% Performance Based Growth Marketing for HR Consultancies

Case Studies & Testimonials

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£119,676 new revenue added in 84 Days

Jackson Blackledge -

"$40,000/month in new clients Jordan has brought in"

Who is this for?

This is not for HR Consultancies with low-ticket offers, or if you do not have great case studies and happy clients.

This is for established HR Businesses who want a recession-proof, teachable, predictable, reliable, and scalable method of proactively acquiring new business which doesn't rely on you or your senior team being personally responsible, which ties up far too much of your time to work on the business.

You rely solely on word-of-mouth, networking, or referrals for new business and you're sick of placing the entire future of your business in the hands of someone else's referral and their network

You're tired of your inconsistent and unreliable lead flow—one month might be great but the next quarter you're worried about when or where your next new client or repeat business is coming from

You're looking at what other consultancies are offering in the market and wondering how to differentiate yourself above and beyond the rest of the highly competitive HR consulting landscape instead of just 'waffling about'

Too many of your deals rely on buying that 3rd round at the conference hotel bar

This is for Founders, CEOs, and Managing Directors of HR Businesses with great case studies & happy clients

You've been burnt by agency's or marketing consultancies wasting 3 months trying to 'get it to work' because they don't understand your industry or your offer, leaving you questioning if outbound marketing is even possible

You want to continue to grow your business year on year but are worried by the impact the current economic and political climate will have on your client's budgets and their willingness to work with you

You don't want to come across as sales-y and feel shy at the thought of going out there and winning new business because you're afraid it will hurt your brand

You want a reliable way to proactively reach out to your ideal clients who currently have no idea you exist

What You Can Expect:

Increased revenue & profits in 2-3 months

Proven marketing, sales, lead-gen, and scaling strategies

Increase closing rates & reduced sales cycles

The ability to never compete as a commodity against competitors

Sales & Marketing assets that provide founder conviction at scale

11 to 22 monthly qualified new business opportunities in the first 3 months

Our 3-Step Growth Process

1 - Go To Market

Our approach starts with a tailored 6-month growth plan aimed at boosting your consultancies revenue. We focus on enhancing your value proposition, ensuring that you stand out from your competitors and resonate with potential clients. This is all about increasing the lifetime value of each client and making sure they see the unique benefits you bring to the table.Next, we craft and optimise standout marketing assets, from Sales Letters to engaging Case Studies, designed to generate revenue for years to come. This includes the production of professional video case studies, showcasing the real-world impact of your services. With these tools in hand, you're set to attract and impress potential clients, unlock outbound marketing, and positioning your business for sustained growth.

2 - Lead Generation

We curate a comprehensive database of your dream clients, pulling from unlimited global data to ensure you're reaching the right audience. With this foundation, we then construct a robust outbound client acquisition system.This outbound growth system is designed to secure 20 to 40 new appointments with your ideal clients every month. Plus, we ensure these appointments aren't just booked but attended.And the best part?We're constantly refining and optimising this process daily, ensuring you continue to get results.

3 - Sales Process & Enablement

We implement a robust sales system, specially optimised for outbound prospects. This encompasses everything from setting targets and coaching to managing, auditing, and even providing scripts and templates.Beyond that, we craft a seamless end-to-end process that efficiently transforms cold prospects into satisfied, paying clients. With this comprehensive approach, we ensure your sales efforts are both effective and efficient.

Our Processes & Resources

(Resources, tips & tricks you can implement right away)

Our Full Email Outbound Process:

Our Full LinkedIn Outbound Process:

Our Campaign Creation & Testing Process:

Our 3-Step Sales Process:

How to Create & Leverage Captivating Case Study Sales Assets:

Our Guarantee

As we are completely confident in the results our processes produce, we offer a 200% ROI guarantee & 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.This means that if you do not AT LEAST 2x your initial investment, we work for free until you do.

What’s going to happen on the call?

1 - Discovery

On our initial call, I’ll ask you questions about your business, your current situation, and what you need help with when it comes to growing your HR Consultancy.From there, I'll create a custom plan on how I would help you 2x your HR Consultancy's revenue without relying on word-of-mouth, networking, or referrals so you can go ahead and implement it yourself.

2 - Custom Plan

If you like the plan, then we can then explore what it would look like to partner with each other to implement it.My goal of this call is to give you as much value as I can so you can increase your business's revenue with or without me.So even if we don’t move forward and work together, you have all the information you need to go out achieve results on your own.

3 - Value Creation

Worst case for booking a call is that you’ll be given the custom plan you need to double your HR Consultancy's revenue so you can go ahead and implement it yourself.Best case for booking a call is that you’ll love the plan, we’ll move forward in working together, and you’ll partner with us to increase your business's revenue year on year.


We generate demand, enable sales and increase revenue leaving you to focus on building your HR consultancy